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With his Friday morning arrest, State Senator Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, became the fourth state lawmaker and the fourth state democrat to be arrested in less than a year.

Surveillance cameras at a 76 gas station along X Street captured Hueso’s run-in with the law.

One clip shows the state-owned Ford Fusion turn onto 15th Street the wrong way.

A CHP officer then pulled him over in the station lot.

During a “walk the line” sobriety test Hueso wobbles before being arrested for DUI.

He first seemed indignant upon his release from jail saying,” I’m going to pursue my innocence.”

Hueso’s tone seemed much more contrite in a written release issued a few hours later. In it, he says he’s “truly and profoundly sorry.”

“I think as a general proposition, yeah, I think it makes sense not to have alcohol at the capitol,” Assemblyman Roger Dickinson said, after what happened to Hueso and minus some special occasions.

Senator Hueso was arrested after partying with the Latino Caucus at Il Fornaio and then continuing to drink with other lawmakers on the balcony that overlooks the assembly floor.

That behavior has been banned in the senate as Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has stressed ethics in the wake of an election fraud conviction for Senator Rod Wright, corruption indictments for Senator Ron Calderon and gun trafficking charges against Senator Leland Yee.

Those accused are on suspension, but still getting paid –  something the legislature tried to fix constitutionally this year but didn’t act fast enough to get the amendment on the fall ballot.

“Yes, they’re saying it’s going to be on the ballot in two years but my guess is they’ll take it off. They want to be able to posture to the public that they’re doing something about it,” Jon Coupal with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association told FOX40.

“I don’t think this issue’s going away. We’re going to act on it and it’s going to go on the ballot for the voters to decide on,” said Dickinson.