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By noon Wednesday business was back up and brewing, literally, at five local coffee shops.

“I think it’s kids, you know, students,” explained one customer.

Early Tuesday someone smashed the glass front doors or windows of two Peet’s Coffee locations and three Starbucks locations.

“I have student rentals and sometimes they get out of hand,” Russell Pleasants explained. “Creative destruction just to make noise.”

Each store was hit in the same manner. A small brick was used to smash out the glass. Each costing about $1,000 to repair.

“It’s uncommon that we have that many vandalisms against one type of target,” said Lieutenant Tom Waltz with the Davis Police Department. “It affected private business, and we don’t want to see that happen, and we don’t tolerate this in our community.”

Investigators are going through surveillance video, and they have a partial description of a suspect.

Someone saw a male in a dark hooded sweatshirt riding away from one of the coffee shops on a bike. But other than that, cops don’t have much to go on and aren’t quite sure of a motive.

“It’s kind of odd isn’t it?” asked Pleasants. “But I can’t tell you, I would say it’s a protest against corporate coffee.”

Anyone with information regarding the vandalisms are asked to contact the Davis Police Department.