AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) — After a several-month investigation and numerous victims reporting their dogs were neglected and abused, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office arrested Antoine Deshaun Moore, owner of Auburn K9, for felony theft by false pretenses on April 30, according to the sheriff’s office.

Auburn K9, operating along Industrial Boulevard in Auburn, was claiming to be a dog boarding and dog training facility with air-conditioned kennels, according to sheriff’s deputies.

The reality was, according to sheriff’s deputies, that the co-owner Moore was taking the dogs to his home in Nevada County and leaving them in crates inside of his unventilated garage that also doubled as the dogs bathroom.

One of the victims, Maureen Kelly, became suspicious of the operation after Moore told Kelly that he would be extending training for her two dogs for three more weeks and he would not return her calls, Kelly told sheriff’s deputies.

“Now red flags are going up,” Kelly told the sheriff’s office. “Where are my girls? What is happening?”

When Moore told Kelly should pick up her dogs on Dec. 21, 2021 she was shocked at the condition she found her dogs in.

“They are just distraught and they are not my dogs,” Kelly told the sheriff’s office. “They were aggressive, malnourished and it looked like each of them had lost about 10 pounds each.”

This was not the first time Moore has had an issue with law enforcement about the dogs, according to sheriff’s deputies, as in December 2021 the Nevada County Animal Control visited Moore’s property ten times.

Due to the extremely poor living conditions for the dogs, Nevada County Animal Control Officers seized most of the dogs in December 2021, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Jason Doolittle was an owner of one of the dogs that was taken from Moore by animal control officers.

“I got a call from Nevada County Animal Control saying that they were at Mr. Moore’s house and the conditions were deplorable,” Doolittle told the sheriff’s office. “I asked what that meant and they said ‘they basically couldn’t step anywhere without stepping in feces’.”

Another woman’s dog went missing under Moore’s care, according to the sheriff’s office. Moore said that he had taken the dog to San Francisco for more training, according to the sheriff’s office.

More posted bail on May 3 following his April 30 arrest, but is due back to appear in court on June 27 at the Roseville Superior Court.