September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Sex Trafficking Victims Gather, Share Stories at Capitol Mall

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Their stories are heart wrenching. Tonight they gathered at the Capitol Mall to share their stories and reasons for fighting against human sex trafficking.

“My daughter was missing for eight pain-staking days.”

Five years ago, Vicki Zito’s heart was broken when her 17-year old daughter, Kaci Klinner, got snatched from a grocery store and swept into human sex trade.

“Within five hours, her trafficker had posted pictures of her for sale on Craigslist and in 12 hours was trafficking her from the bay area,” Zito said.

Kaci was eventually rescued. Leah Albright-Byrd, a then-runaway, says she too was a victim of human trafficking.

“Traffickers in our community preyed on our vulnerabilities and exploited me. I ended up on the street for about four years and then got out at 18,” Albright-Byrd said.

Ever since tragedy hit in these women’s lives, both say they have been on the front lines fighting what they call “evil”.

“I then became a mom on a mission to do something to end trafficking because I thought it’s not good enough that my daughter is home safely. I want for everyone’s daughter to be home safely,” said Zito.

“To see this level of community amongst a bunch of different service providers is significant. We’re a united front against sex trafficking. Not one organization alone can do the work,” said Albright-Byrd.

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