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NORTH HIGHLANDS –Prostitutes on Palomino & Myrtle in North Highlands are causing concerns for the community.

It’s a beautiful evening for a Friday stroll, but North Highlands neighbors say these women aren’t just out for a walk – they’re street-walking.

“They’re half-naked.  You can see their underwear and it’s hard to explain to them what they’re doing,”  said one man about trying to explain the situation to his kids.

According to this 32-year-old father of five, his kids can’t play in their own front yard because of who’s walking and driving by – prostitutes, pimps and johns.

“They’ll load up here and park their cars…kind of like how you would commute, park and go to work. They come in a full car, they’ll park and they’ll start working the street,” he said.

“I jumped out on those girls and asked them to leave… and the pimp jumped out real quick… ‘hey what are you doing?’ ‘Leave them alone…this and that.'”

Other neighbors were too afraid to speak at all because of their confrontations with those in the trade.

A man wants the situation exposed, but didn’t want to be identified for his own safety.

“I’ve parked in the driveway and they’ve come to my window and knocked on my window… and I’m like.. no I live here. Get the ‘F’ off my friggin property.”

Why has he taken upon himself to start talking to them,  telling the girls to leave?

“Somebody had to do it. When it’s your kids… then you’ll step in,” he explained.

“These people that are coming over here…they’re looking for prostitutes, but we don’t know if they’re pedophiles or if they’re rapists or whatnot.”

This man’s father is also outraged by what he sees happening in front of his home – which is just around the corner from an elementary school.

“The school is right there and I feel violated.”

Recently when he asked some of the pimps to leave the situation turned hostile.

“Actually they threatened me….’you better stop that or else.'”

Since what’s happening is not an emergency, they don’t feel like eradicating the activity is a priority for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

But a spokesmen for the agency tells FOX40, they run rotating stings around Palomino and Myrtle and several other neighborhoods.

They also say the number of reports hasn’t increased from this area per se, but that the entire county sees an uptick in prostitution when the weather warms.

Our cameras spotted several sheriff’s deputies in the area when we came to see just what a busy Friday night on the stroll looks like.

One woman walked the length of a long block before getting into a car and driving back up the road she’d just walked down.

One man stopped in the middle of the street and made a u-turn when he spotted our cameras.

Neighbors are exasperated because to them, “it’s getting ridiculous.”