Sex Workers Fearful after High-Profile Cal Fire Murder Case

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Family of 26-year-old Sarah Douglas admits that she met her fiance Cal Fire Battalion Chief Orville Fleming two years ago on “MyRedbook,” a website for escorts.

Now, Fleming is the prime suspect in Douglas’ murder.

“I said, ‘This is why I am glad I am not on there like that.’ The clientele went down,” a woman speaking under the name “Lexi” told FOX40.

Lexi didn’t want to show her face because she’s a known escort on MyRedbook. She has participated in illegal sexual favors in northern California and beyond.

“We meet usually at a hotel. My clients are usually white older men with money,” she said.

Lexi started in the sex trade six years ago when she was just 24 years old, and so far it’s been lucrative.

“‘I’ve made $15,000 in two days,” she told FOX40.

Lexi says Douglas’ recent murder has scared a lot of women in her business, reminding all sex workers of rule number one: never to mix business with pleasure.

“It’s not a relationship kind of deal,” Lexi said. “(Clients) tend to get attached.”

Lexi admitted to FOX40 that she’s dated men who are supposed to be law abiding citizens.

“When it’s, like, a cop, I am thinking, ‘Oh my god, are you going to take me to jail?’ When they’re off duty they have a different life.”

For Lexi, that’s what she wants – a different life. Even though the money is good, she says it’s not worth losing her life.

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