(KTXL) — Body camera footage from the San Joaquin County Jail shows Shakir Khan agreeing to step down from his role as a member of the Lodi City Council. 

Khan was in jail after being arrested on Feb. 16 for charges related to election fraud in the 2020 election.

In the video obtained by FOX40 News, Lodi Mayor Mikey Hothi advises Khan to resign from his District 4 seat on the city council. 

“I think you should step aside,” Hothi told Khan. “I think you should resign. It looks better. Think about your family. You got your kid. Is it even worth it at this point?”

“Okay, I’ll probably do that then,” Khan responded to Hothi. 

Later in the video, Hothi asks jail staff for a pen and paper and proceeds to write on the blank sheet. 

“Let me just write something out for you and if you agree to it, then we can just sign right here,” Hothi tells Khan. 

While visiting Khan in jail, Hothi mention community leaders recommend he resign from his seat. 

Khan agrees to sign the resignation letter written by Hothi, saying he’ll do “what’s best for the city.” Khan eventually signs the document. 

Shortly after the mayor announced the resignation, Khan’s lawyer, Allen Sawyer, denied that resignation was valid, claiming his client was approached without his attorney present. 

Khan was arranged on his election fraud charges on Feb. 17.  

After appearing in court for non-related illegal gambling charges on Feb. 21, Khan told FOX40 News that he’s still a member of the Lodi City Council and he never resigned. However, the city’s website lists the seat for District 4 as vacant. 

Khan’s illegal gambling charges are from a 2020 arrest when he was a candidate for the city council. He’s also facing charges related to tax evasion and Economic Employment Development (EDD) fraud in that cases. 

Prosecutors in San Joaquin County accused Khan and his two brothers, Zakir and Mohammad Khan, of running illegal gambling hubs at two of his businesses.

No plea was entered in the Feb. 21 court hearing and the brothers are scheduled to be back in court on April 3. Shakir Khan’s attorney was involved in another case in federal court on Feb. 21 and the judge issued a continuance of Khan’s case into April.

What are Khan’s election fraud charges?

As for charges related to election fraud, here are the charges the embattled member of the Lodi City Council is facing, according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office: 

•Causing/procuring/allowing false voter registration of self/another person

•Submisson of fraudulent registration to the Secretary of State

•Submission of fraudulent candidacy petition

•Aiding/abetting the commission of fraud at any election

•Subscription of fictitious names to nomination petitions

•False nomination/declaration of candidacy

•Fraduelenty casting votes

•Procuring/assisting/counseling/advising another not qualified to vote