(KTXL) — The Lodi City Council is officially moving forward with filling the District 4 seat held by Shakir Khan. 

During a special meeting Tuesday, the city council voted 3-1 to appoint someone to Khan’s seat for the remainder of the term through 2024. 

The city council will go through an interview process that involves interviewing candidates from District 4, which could take about six to eight weeks. Interested candidates would have to fill out an application. 

The public will be able to voice their opinion during the appointment process at a public meeting, but no date has been set for that meeting.

“I think to the people of District 4, we are looking out for their best interest and want them to have a representative as soon as possible,” Lodi Mayor Mikey Hothi said. “They’ll be able to make their voices heard during that appointment meeting. We’re going to have an opportunity for public comment as well.”

The vacancy of the District 4 seat stems from Khan’s Feb. 16 arrest related to election fraud charges in the 2020 election. 

Following Khan’s arrest, Hothi visited him in jail and announced that he obtained Khan’s resignation via a handwritten note that both of them signed during their meeting. 

However, Khan’s lawyer Allen Sawyer denied his client’s resignation was valid, claiming he was coerced into signing the document. 

Following a court appearance on Feb. 21 for separate illegal gambling charges, Khan told FOX40 News that he’s still a member of the Lodi City Council and he never resigned.  

Going into Tuesday’s meeting, the Lodi City Council reviewed three options: appoint a successor, call for a special election in November or do nothing. 

The San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters estimate a special election in November would’ve cost the city $25,000 to $50,000. 

City staff recommended the city council take action because leaving the seat vacant until 2024 could expose the city to possible legal risk, according to a document regarding Tuesday’s agenda.