RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — Former gas station manager John Szczecina was fired after accidentally charging 69 cents per gallon of premium gas. He has since raised enough money to pay it back, however, the company doesn’t want it.

Szczecina started a GoFundMe page that raised $24,000 to pay back for his mistake, but Shell never asked him to raise it in the first place even saying he misled his donors.

The gas station’s financial management company Axios Mos sent Szczecina an email saying it was not going to sue him.

“When I got it, and I was stunned and it was like, I thought they would only say, ‘Hey, we appreciate you trying,'” he explained.

There was no thank you. However, the company instructed Szczecina to shut down the GoFundMe and return the money to the donors, and if it can’t be refunded, to give it to a charity of his choice.

Well, it makes me feel really bad because I was trying to be very, you know, I know I was fired because of it. It was my fault, but I was trying to be, “Hey, I want to make it up. This is my restitution for you.”

After shutting down the page and speaking with GoFundMe, Szczecina said he would have to update donors and the money would either be refunded or left to him to do as he pleases.

FOX40 reached out to GoFundMe for clarity on the situation but has not heard back yet. Although Szczecina raised the money back, he still doesn’t think he will get his job back, so he’s currently searching for his next job.