Sheriff’s office details what led to Carmichael shooting that killed suspect, injured deputy

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released more information Thursday about a deadly shooting that occurred Friday night in Carmichael. 

A 13-minute video explains how the events unfolded, leading to a dead suspect and an injured deputy. 

It started with a shooting at Sun Valley Apartments on 50th Avenue Friday evening, according to the sheriff’s office. 

“What we laid out in the video was the sequence of events and the facts as they unfolded there,” said Sgt. Rod Grassmann. 

Grassmann said the sheriff’s office received numerous calls around 6:30 regarding gunshots. The gunfire was due to a shooting that happened during a fight. 

“It’s not just one shooter there. There was nine shooters,” Grassmann told FOX40. 

Grassmann said a man in a red hat fired the first few shots and the shooters had left the scene before officers arrived. 

But officers were still able to get a good look at a silver Kia Soul that the man in red jumped into. He was later identified as 24-year-old Kershawn Geiger. 

According to Grassmann, a child was with Geiger while he had a gun. 

“It was incredible, the negligence of that particular scene is absolutely stunning, I think, to the average person,” Grassmann said. 

A few hours later, Grassmann said detectives with the sheriff’s office gang unit found that Kia while driving in unmarked cars near Rampart Drive and Ranger Way. 

The sheriff’s office said it stopped the vehicle from leaving the complex and a short time later, Geiger shot at the detective. 

The detective was allowed to go back home Wednesday and is still recovering. 

Deputies with the sheriff’s office don’t have body cameras, so the deadly shooting was never recorded. Grassmann said they had planned on getting them but then the pandemic hit and caused the budget to shrink. They also couldn’t have officers in the building for training.

He added body cameras are coming. 

FOX40 tried to get in touch with Geiger’s family after the YouTube video was released but they could not be reached. 

Earlier this week, the family told FOX40 the deputy who was shot during the traffic stop was not shot by their son, but instead was hit by friendly fire from another deputy. 

They said their son was a working electrician going to school and was a father of two. The night of the shooting, he was dropping off his children with his brother, who was arrested in an unrelated case. 

Grassmann said the department is sincerely sorry for the family’s loss. 

They are still conducting the investigation and say their initial investigation finds both brothers were armed and that Gieger didn’t follow directions. 

“The subject that followed directions, even though he had a gun, came out unscathed without incident,” Grassmann said. 

According to the sheriff’s office, Geiger was a member of the 24th Street Crips Gang. 

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