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LINDA, Calif. (KTXL) — The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office has released doorbell video of an assault that took place in Linda Friday afternoon.

In the video, the victim opens the door to the suspect. The suspect then forces his way inside the home with a knife in hand. A struggle can be heard, as well as the wife’s scream, before the video cuts off.

Sheriff’s detectives said the suspect stabbed the 59-year-old homeowner in the chest before leaving on a bicycle.

The victim is stable and still in the hospital, detectives said.

The family wanted to express their gratitude for those who helped their dad.

“He’s an awesome dude. Everybody loves him,” said Jose Espinoza, the victim’s son. “Thank God, I mean really. He’s got a guardian angel after him for sure.”

Daniel Solis, 30, of Linda, was arrested on charges relating to attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

Investigators said the suspect lives about a mile from the victim’s home. Aside from attending school with one of the victim’s sons many years ago, investigators have yet to find a motive.

Undersheriff Nick Morawczmski said the community was a major help in making the arrest.

“Just the nature of the crime, the shocking nature of it, really sparked the community involvement in it, to make sure this person was taken into custody,” Morawczmski said. “And with their assistance and the great job of our investigators, we were able to take him into custody within about a day and a half of this occurring.”