‘She’s a hero’: Vacaville woman rescues neighbor from house fire

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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Vacaville woman is saying her thanks after she was rescued from a house fire by her neighbor. 

“I’m just thankful that my dear neighbor saved my life by getting me out of the house before it burned down,” said Linda Horsman. 

On Friday, Horsman’s home on Marshall Road was suddenly engulfed in flames. Her neighbor, Jennifer Buckley, was driving home when she saw all the commotion. 

Caught on home surveillance video, Buckley’s white car can be seen as she drives up to the burning home.

“As I’m running up to it, I’m asking people if anyone was inside and they just said no one’s home,” Buckley told FOX40. “People are yelling at me to get away. I was like, there’s dogs in the house.”

As the dogs continued to bark, Buckley started banging on the front door. 

“In that moment I’ve never heard God speak so loudly to me, that I need to not stop. I’d be fine. But someone was inside,” Buckley said. 

Horsman said she was in the shower when she heard the banging. 

“It keeps going. So, I answer the door in my bathrobe and she’s, ‘Get out of the house. The house is on fire,’” Horsman recounted. 

Flames were raging toward the rest of the house and had spread to the home next door. As Buckley scooped up Horsman’s dogs, both women rushed out of the home. 

The fire moved so abruptly that it sent two firefighters to the hospital. Both are OK. 

“I just can’t believe it, especially that it thappned so fast. It went from the corner of the garage to the whole roof. Flames shooting up,” Horsman said. 

All she could do was watch as the fire burned her home of 20 years. 

Buckley said firefighters and police arrived about 90 seconds after she got Horsman out of the home. 

“I just thank my lucky stars that I’m here right now, and that somebody would be pounding on the door in the midst when other people are taking pictures and driving by,” Horsman said. 

For Buckley, helping was a personal quest. When she was 7, her own home caught fire as she was stepping into the shower. She said it was a stranger who stopped to help and got them out safely. 

“Without somebody being loud and trying to catch the attention of those of us in the house, we wouldn’t … At least the fire department said that I probably would’ve of, you know,” Buckley said. 

“She’s a hero to me,” Horsman said. 

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