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Three male students were shot Thursday afternoon on the Sacramento City College campus.

One man was killed, and two others were injured. Rick Brewer, with the school’s public information office, confirmed to FOX40 that all of the victims were students.

One shooting victim was pronounced dead at the scene, a second student suffered major injuries after being shot multiple times but is expected to survive and is recovering at an area hospital. The third student was grazed by a bullet, suffering only minor injuries, and was questioned by investigators.

The identities of the victims has not been released.

Students were told to shelter in place before evacuating each classroom one at a time. Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers said the campus was clear at 6:30 p.m.

Details about led up to the shooting are scarce, but school officials say there was a verbal argument immediately before. Police say one person had a gun and another had a knife.

Police say that they believe the shooting was an isolated incident, despite the fact that the suspect is still on the loose.

Campus staff says there are two suspects – a Hispanic male with a black shirt and black bag, and a black male wearing black pants – however, Sacramento Police describe the suspect as a male, Pacific Islander with a white shirt, beige cargo shorts and short, black hair.

The shooting happened near the baseball field, which is on the south side of campus.

Students say it took about 45 minutes for the school’s alert system to notify them.

Investigators say the suspect description is similar to one from a shooting earlier in the afternoon on Gerber Road and Fernridge Drive, but a connection could not be confirmed.

A few blocks down Freeport Boulevard, C.K. McClatchy High School was briefly put on lockdown as a precaution. Three nearby elementary schools, Bret Harte, Hollywood Park and Leonardo Da Vinci, were also briefly locked down.

Classes will resume as scheduled Friday.

Students React to Lock Down on Campus 

Sac City College students were not headed to class Thursday afternoon but instead tasked with a strange assignment: Get as far away from campus as you can.

That goal developed in the wake of a shooting that took down three fellow students — one of them killed.

“When the officers came in they told us we had to leave and we could not go by the parking garage ’cause whatever happened, happened by the daycare center where the children are,” said Sacramento City College student Sterla Vierra.

Vierra’s immediate focus in the chaos was her adult daughter and fellow student.

“Getting my baby out of here … she’s four months pregnant. I just want her off the campus,” Vierra said.

As officers scoured the outside of the baseball stadium near the parking lot where the gunman is believed to have opened fire, the revelation of what was going on took students by surprise.

“Nobody was telling us what was going on. All of a sudden police officers, and police tape, and they weren’t letting us leave the building,” said first-year student Sarai Brumley.

“They told us to get inside the classrooms and lock down the classrooms,” said third-year student Ashley Lee.

Their campus was reduced to an eerie silence on the second week of fall classes after the lockdown and then evacuation of students.

All the while, the suspected gunman remained on the loose.

“I just went to class nobody there, and they said campus  is closed because of a shooting and I didn’t know,” said Regina Drake.

Drake, one of many who showed up for class about three hours after the incident — never heard from her school that there had been a shooting.

Administrators confess it took them about 20 minutes after shots were fired to spread the word through their campus alert system, but some students say it was more like 45 minutes before they received a notice.

That delay wasn’t because of software issues with the phone and email program but because of their attempt to confirm the details of what happened.

“Somebody died too — that was pretty nerve-wracking…” said fourth-year Sac City College student Nicholas Yee.

Those nerve-wracking details passed first from student to student, cell to cell on social media .

They are details that will be etched into memories as classes resume on Friday.

“I’m very scared. This was terrifying. I had a police officer point a gun at me,” said Brumley.

“It was scary. It was really scary.”