Shopper Finds Razor Blade Wedged in Handle of Walmart Shopping Cart

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Shopping carts are not usually thought of as being dangerous, but for Julie Nicolas of Wheatland, they most certainly were.

“As I was wiping along the bar underneath where the plastic’s wedged, there was a razor blade,” Nicolas said.

It happened last Saturday at the Walmart on North Beale Road in Marysville.

“The corner nicked me right there. Thank goodness I didn’t get cut or anything. I stopped in time,” Nicolas said.

Terrified, Nicolas said she reported the incident to a store associate.

“I handed it to her, and she threw it away, I asked her, ‘Is this a thing?’ And she said ‘Ya, it is a thing.'” Nicolas said.

FOX40 spoke to a Walmart manager off camera who said someone has been putting razor blades in their shopping carts periodically for the past few months. Some employees said they have been asked to check the carts outside and even wear gloves to protects themselves.

Two-year-old Ryan Walker always sits in the cart at Walmart. His mother, Ashlie, uses sanitation wipes. But now she said she will be on the lookout for razor blades.

“I’ll check. Trust me. It’s not even worth the risk,” Ashlie Walker said.

Walmart has not filed a police report. The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department said they are aware of the incident but only through social media.

“Razor blades aren’t cheap either. Who has the money just to go placing them in there. You’re a sick individual whoever did it,” Nicolas said.

Hopefully they can see that what they’re doing is wrong, and hopefully we catch whoever is doing it,” Sgt. Jason Walker said.

Doctors said sharing razor blades or cross contamination of blood can lead to diseases including Hepatitis or HIV. So this is a serious incident with deadly consequences.

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