SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California State Parks asked for public input on whether there should be a new hotel in Old Sacramento.

“The entire grass area along with portions of the area just adjacent to the grass would be included with our proposal at this point,” John Fraser said. 

Fraser, the district superintendent with California State Parks, said they recognize there are a lot of special considerations needed for building in the historic district.  

“We need to have an architectural feel that fits within Old Sacramento. That means getting the architectural details right,” Fraser told FOX40.

While there are certainly places the state would face less space and regulatory challenges, Fraser said the location makes sense.

“There actually was a hotel here on this exact site, the City Hotel,” Fraser said. “But there’s also a real need, especially with the expansion of the Convention Center in Sacramento. There’s a real need for hotels.”

To some, it might seem like the perfect location for a hotel because there is nothing there, but it was not long before people pointed out that there absolutely is something there: a green space. The only green space in the core of Old Town Sacramento is there.

Some local and out-of-town visitors and business owners FOX40 spoke with felt similarly.

“What do you do with kids when they come down here. They roll around on that grass; they have lunch out there all the time,” Jason Minow, owner of Sacramento Sweets, said.

Minow said he is concerned about the nearby businesses and residents that will lose their view.

“We’re going to end up creating, personal opinion I looked at the plan, kind of this alleyway of tall buildings,” Minow said.

He thinks the outskirts of Old Town, like the waterfront, would be a better fit.

“I think it could be good, but it might be in the wrong place,” Minow said.