(KTXL) — Some Sierra Nevada counties are urging voters to take advantage of early in-person voting or drop off ballots ahead of this storm.

This call to action comes after counties like Sacramento opened more voting centers.

Josh Ferrell and Alana Stein dropped off their ballot Saturday.

“There are more options. It’s a little overwhelming to figure things out, but with main-in you can Google things, so it makes it easier,” explained Ferrell.

Others like Andrea Abergel, are taking their time to vote.

“I personally have to do a lot more research before I can cast my ballot,” said Abergel.

According to Political Data Inc., 4.2 millions ballots across the state have been returned, that is around 19% of all ballots.

Right now in-person voting is allowed in counties that participate in the Voter’s Choice Act.

“We have all the resources that you might need, if you forgot your voter pamphlet, we have that here,” said Emily Mizokami, an inspector at a polling station in Sacramento County.