Sinkhole Opens Up on Jackson Property

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All the rain we've seen so far this year has caused sinkholes in Amador County. And a Jackson family was shocked to find such a hole in their backyard, the third sinkhole they've had over the past three decades.

"I didn't think we'd ever have another hole. But, here it is," said Marjorie Guletz.

Guletz, who is 93 years old, lives just a couple of dozen yards from the sinkhole. When her daughter first told her about it, she told FOX40 there was only one thing she was hoping to see at the bottom.

"Gold, gold down there," Guletz said.

But there was no gold found. But her son-in-law David Carlson, who lives next door, believes this sink hole is the reincarnation of another hole dug for the same reason.

"A hundred and something years ago, when the guys were after gold, they would just dig a hole and go down and see what they could find," Carlson said.

Carlson said this isn't the first sinkhole on the property. About 35 years ago, they found another one similar in size, which had old debris and bottles from the 1850s. At the time they filled it, thinking that'd be the end of it. But about nine months later, Guletz said she heard a noise.

"I said to my husband, 'Oh that sounds like a blast of thunder,'" Guletz said.

The next morning that hole grew much bigger.

"Probably just as deep and four to five times as wide," Carlson said.

With more storms in the forecast, they believe this hole will likely grow just as big. So, for now, they're leaving it alone and keeping Guletz's dog Tweed far away from it.

"He doesn't leave the house, without me," Guletz said about her small dog named for the type of fur he has.

Carlson said they used to board horses in the meadow the sinkhole is in.

"But the lady who most recently had her horses here moved them to another location," Carlson said.

Once the soil dries, they said they'll deal with filling it. But both Carlson and Guletz are toying with ideas of how to use it since it's already here.

"Thought about this would be a good place for our burn pile," Carlson said.

"A swimming pool has been mentioned," Guletz said.


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