Skunky Smell Shuts Down Elk Grove Shop

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ELK GROVE — The smell of fresh rain lingers in the Elk Grove air, but if you get close enough to home decor shop Re-Embellished you’ll get a whiff of something else.

“It was making this whole boulevard smell,” said Kristi Peck, owner of Re-Embellished.

An odor so strong and so unique that even nine days later it still hangs over Re-Embellished.

“Rotten eggs, burnt rubber and garlic all mixed together,” said Peck.

So what is it that caused this home decor store to temporarily shut down?

Peck said, “I smelled skunk and I was like ‘oh my god there’s a skunk.'”

A skunk climbed its way through an outdoor vent and made itself at home in a crawl space under Re-Embellished.

In the 14 years Peck has owned the Elk Grove store, she’s dealt with mice and even bats, but never a skunk. She’s trying to stay positive.

“I don’t know if I need to have a stinky, smelly skunk party,” she said.

But once in a while tears creep through.

“You don’t really know when it’s all going to be back normal again — if it ever will,” she said.

Peck doesn’t know when she’ll reopen her store, it’s been closed since February 7, or if she’ll move from the location on Elk Grove Boulevard.

She says she’s taking a big financial hit, but the goal is to get rid of the smell. What’s next isn’t clear yet for the business owner.

“Just one day at a time hopefully everything is going to work out,” she said.

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