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SOLANO COUNTY — A Solano County sheriff’s deputy is under investigation after an alleged fight that started during a charity event last month at The Point restaurant in Rio Vista.

Jacob and Heather Meyers were there.

They tell FOX40 they had just stepped off their boat when they were introduced by a mutual friend to the deputy and his wife, who were attending the fundraiser.

Immediately, Heather says she and the women clashed.

“I had walked away from the girl and told him we need to leave, and then I turned around to leave, and she was right there in my face,” Heather Meyers said.

“I just thought, ‘somebody’s just had a little too much to drink,'” her husband added.

“She just had the meanest looking face, it was just like right there, and I just felt completely threatened,” Heather Meyers said.

They say that’s when the altercation became physical.

“There was a little shoving and yelling. People are instantly involved, basically breaking it up. At this point, I’m in the middle trying to break it up. Then all of a sudden, this guy comes out of nowhere, and like a football player, hits, pushes her down, she hit the chair like, did a taco over the chair,” Jacob Meyers said.

That man, later identified as Loren Thomson, a sheriff’s deputy with Solano County.

“The guy is out there, supposed to be protecting civilians, and he’s out there pushing people in a bar at a charity event. Pretty disturbing in my opinion,” Jacob Meyers said.

Heather says she was left bruised.

“I don’t wanna take anybody’s livelihood…” she said.

But she feels Thomson should at least answer for his alleged aggressive behavior.

Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara confirms that there is an internal investigation underway.

The district attorney’s office tells FOX40 that Rio Vista police have submitted the report to his office, which is now under review.

The decision whether to file battery charges against Thomson should be decided by the end of next week.

Thomson is the son of long-time Solano County Supervisor Skip Thomson, who told FOX40 he would never use his political position to influence a decision.