Solano County neighbors going days without water during power shutoff

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SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) -- Homeowners in the Gibson Canyon neighborhood just outside Vacaville have generators in place to keep refrigerators going and the lights on, but the Solano Irrigation District has no power for its pumps, leaving homeowners high and dry.

“We have a generator, so at least we have power, but we have no water,” neighbor Kim, who did not wish to use her last name in this story, told FOX40.

She says there are unintended consequences of the PG&E public safety shutoff. She goes to her gym to take showers and uses a neighbor’s pool water for washing hands and dishes.

“I have an ice chest that full of water that I’ve been putting my dishes in, so they don’t get all cakey,” Kim said.

The Solano Irrigation District is giving out bottled drinking water to customers at its facilities, but going on the fourth day without water, Kim has filled her bathtub with pool water.

“To do the toilets, I dip in, splash and I fill the back of the toilet and I wait to flush it when absolutely necessary,” she said.

Neighbor Linda Gehm uses her pool as a non-drinkable water source. She and her husband are now living out of their RV, which has a generator and a water tank for drinking, but they’ll have to drive it for a fill-up soon.

“We filled it up thinking it will only be a couple of days,” Gehm told FOX40. “We’re getting low.”

Residents acknowledge that the water situation is a minor inconvenience considering what else is at risk.

“It’s not the worst thing because you could be losing your house, so I feel for those people and the tragedies that are happening,” Kim said.

Still, residents feel the lack of water could have more serious consequences.

“It’s scary because if there is a fire, I know the fire trucks have tankers they can use, but where do they go to fill up when they’re out here?” Gehm said.

Adding to the frustration, the Solano Irrigation District has sent out a notice to boil water when it is turned back on until it can be tested for harmful bacteria.

Many residents say they don’t have access to the internet during the shutoff, so they can’t see the latest updates about the water situation.


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