FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — The Solano County Sheriff’s Office said a student at Tolenas Acadamy injured three other students Wednesday morning.

Deputies responded to the academy on Tolenas Road in unincorporated Fairfield after getting a call around 10:30 a.m. According to the sheriff’s office, a 14-year-old student stabbed another teen with a sharp piece of glass. 

The 14-year-old also cut two other students, who were about 13, the sheriff’s office said. Staff was able to get the sharp glass away from the student and separate the 14-year-old from others. 

Those injured were seen by a nurse, and their families were contacted. None of them were seriously injured.

Deputies arrived and arrested the 14-year-old. The sheriff’s office said they are still investigating, but there are no further threats to the school or to the public.