Solano County Woman Hopes to be Reunited with Missing Dog

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The Norman family moved into a new home a few weeks ago. Then, around Memorial Day weekend, their dog went missing.

The same day their 5-year-old Shih Tzu named Suki disappeared, there was a glimmer of hope, after a neighbor told Erika Norman that she spotted a picture of Suki on Facebook and reached out to the woman who posted it.

“She contacted her and told her that is my friend’s dog. She gave her my dog’s name and she gave her my phone number,” Norman said.

But Norman heard nothing.

“I said, you know what, my dog is chipped. I’m not worried,” she said.

Little did Norman know, her worries were just the beginning.

A teen girl who found Suki, and the woman who posted finding the dog, drove to Fairfield.

The two brought the dog to the Sunset Animal Hospital in Fairfield.

Fortunately, it was chipped. Staff told them to go to the animal shelter directly across the street. But, that never happened.

The chip company did contact Norman.

“I found out through the e-mail messages and text messages that Pet Link sent me … telling me that Suki had been found,” she said.

But as far as the woman who brought Suki to Sunset Animal Hospital, Norman said she never heard from her.

The neighbor told Norman the another woman, who claimed to be Suki’s owner, now had the dog.

FOX40 tracked down the woman who initially took Suki to the hospital and were met by her sister instead.

“The police just came here. That officer phoned in on his little walkie-talkie and gave them her first and last name, that was it,” the woman said.

“And where did they get the first and last name from?” FOX40 asked.

“From Facebook.”

“And how did he get it from Facebook?”

“He asked my sister. She said I have her name. She doesn’t have the dog, she gave the dog to a lady.”

But she refused to share exactly who the woman was that her sister gave the dog to.

Suki’s owner is pleading for her dog back.

“Contact me. Contact Vacaville Police Department. Everybody knows the story already. Contact Rowena,” Norman said. “This is my family member. This is one of my babies. I’m asking you to please come forward.”

The investigating officer told FOX40 he got the name of the woman who reportedly now has Suki. When he knocked on the front door, there was no answer.

The officer said he will continue investigating Suki’s whereabouts on Thursday.

If you have any information on Suki, contact Vacaville police at (707) 449-5200.

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