(KTXL) — Greg Hobson, a Fairfield man arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, was arraigned in the Solano County Superior Court on Tuesday.

Hobson was detained after being reported missing along with his wife. When officials announced his arrest, they advised that his wife, Anu Anand Hobson, remained missing, but that evidence indicated she may be dead.

In Hobson’s court appearance, he did not enter a plea but did ask to be represented by a public defender.

The Solano County District Attorney put in a no-bail request for Hobson, which the court granted, but it could change later.

“At the time, we believed they were traveling together in a silver 2020 Toyota Tacoma. However, when Mr. Hobson was detained, Anu was not with him,” Jennifer Brantley, with the Fairfield Police, said. “Detectives responded to the scene, made contact with Mr. Hobson and began their initial investigation. Over the course of that investigation, they developed probable cause to believe Mr. Hobson had murdered his wife Anu.”

The district attorney’s office said that the judge also granted Hobson’s children a no-contact order, meaning he cannot contact them in person, through mail or online.

The arraignment will continue a week from Feb. 21.