Some business owners frustrated with Sacramento County’s reopening progress

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – It has been nearly 10 months since Country Club Lanes President and General Manager Dave Haness has had a paying customer. 

“Such pent-up demand for people to go back out, spend their hard-earned dollars and enjoy themselves,” Haness said. 

However, with the governor’s plan to potentially reopen all businesses by mid-June, the balls will soon start rolling again at Country Club Lanes. 

“I thought that was a good move by the governor to go ahead and give the business community of California a target date as to when we can all start,” Haness told FOX40. 

But Haness says his business should have customers right now. 

Updated state guidelines allow indoor family entertainment centers to open only when in the orange tier. Sacramento County is in the red tier, with numbers that appear to be close to “re-adding” restrictions. 

“We are actually closer to the purple tier than the orange tier,” Haness said. 

FOX40 reached out to the county about the ominous-looking data and a spokesperson replied with a statement. 

We have had a slight rise in cases but some of it was due to the State’s reporting backlog that seems to have resolved. Now, the numbers have come down a bit to 8%, according to Sacramento County Public Health.

Haness says he loses around $70,000 between utilities, payroll and medical insurance for employees each month he is not open. He adds that with 80% of all Californians already in the orange tier, he is frustrated Sacramento County officials haven’t been able to get to that coveted orange tier. 

“And every week that goes by that we cannot pierce into the orange tier is a week later that we can open, and that is what is so troubling. We should be open much sooner than June 15,” Haness said. 

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