Some Gun Owners On Edge Amid Rumors of Robberies

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DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO — At the Lincoln Rifle Club, members were being warned to be careful after they leave a range or gun store amid rumors of thieves targeting gun owners.

“They’re targeting people leaving ranges,” assistant range master Mike Davis said. “I understand there’s been one armed robbery and one smash and grab at a market.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department could not provide details on any active cases but did say this is a common problem.

“I would not check in on social media where you’re at, what you’re doing, when you get to the gun range and then you go to leave again. I would go straight home. I would not leave those guns in your car and stop at a store,” sheriff’s department spokesman Deputy Rod Grassman said.

Davis says no one at the Lincoln Rifle Club’s Dillman Range has been targeted yet but was still warning shooters just in case.

“Just because they targeted one range doesn’t mean they might not move on to maybe where they think it’s easier pickings now,” he said.

Although gun owners may be technically armed, Davis says the gun can give a false sense of security, especially if you don’t have a concealed carry permit, when you cannot legally transport your gun loaded.

He says a single gun on the black market can fetch at least a thousand dollars.

“They are worth a lot, particularly if you can’t get a gun yourself legally,” Davis said.

The sheriff’s department says those who lose a firearm could be charged with a misdemeanor.


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