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 SACRAMENTO — A couple hundred people marched to the state capitol building Sunday, calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

While the turnout was not nearly as impressive as the Science March or the March for Truth, many present said their cause was still just as strong.

“I certainly think there’s enough to have the impeachment trial, then it would have to be determined whether or not he’s found guilty,” said Patri Lawson of the grassroots organization Indivisible Don’t Go Gently.

Among the crowd calling for the president to be impeached were a few who disagreed.

“He’s going to make America great again,” said Robert Dixon, a Granite Bay Trump supporter. “I mean, God bless these people for coming out and expressing their emotions, I just tend to disagree. I’m glad they’re not giving me any problems.”

Yet, others said Dixon gave them problems. Kirsten Davis said while on the way to the march, Dixon flipped her and her husband off on the freeway.

Dixon admitted doing it, claiming their bumper stickers got the best of him.

“If they’re going to put the bumper stickers that they put on on their car, then they got to expect maybe a flip off every now and then,” Dixon said.

“I felt very scared, in a sense,” said Robert Krueger, Davis’ husband. “He was tailgating us at first and he drove by and flipped us off. My immediate response was to return the favor.”

Now Krueger and Dixon have decided to talk about their political differences. In the end, all three agreed it was better to continue juggling different political views in civilized conversation, rather than let the pins drop in profanity.

“Maybe it shouldn’t have been a flip off, maybe I should have blown you a kiss,” Dixon said.

“That would have been better,” Krueger said.