Sonora Couple Thwarts Suspected Home Invader

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SONORA -- When a stranger was heard breaking into their Sonora home early Sunday morning, a couple jumped into action.

It was sometime after 3 a.m. when Jake Fuller and his girlfriend, Evon Meckler, were suddenly awakened from a deep sleep. They realized someone had broken into their Feather River Drive home.

Meckler immediately dialed 911 as Jake armed himself and made his way outside.

"I told her that someone had broken into our house, given her our address immediately and told her that Jake had a gun," Meckler said.

"He wrecked a mile up the road and randomly walked into this door here," Fuller said.

Once inside the garage, the suspect made his way to a back door. Before Jake got there, they could hear the suspect's voice.

"He was repeating who he was. He was in the basement, 'Please open the door.' Real polite and just something weird to hear that at 3 a.m." Fuller recalled.

"We didn't know who he was," Meckler said. "We didn't know how many people were down there, what he was going, how long he'd been in there. We didn't hear anyone break in. We only heard him trying to get out."

By that time, Jake positioned himself in the driveway, facing all the entrances that the intruder could possibly pass through.

"As soon as he opens this door, I have him at gunpoint. And he stood here for about eight to 10 minutes until the sheriffs arrive," Fuller said.

In what seemed like 45 minutes from the time that 911 call was made, which was actually only about 10, the 38-year-old suspect Jeremiah Hyde was on his stomach and in handcuffs.

Fuller and Meckler were thankful they had the means to protect themselves but relieved it didn't come down to using deadly force.

"If it's in the right person's hands, it's effective as anything," Fuller said. "Kids are texting and driving these days and they're dying. I don't see a ban on automobiles or cell phones."

"Especially with all the gun laws going on and people wanting to ban guns you don't see a lot of these stories," Meckler said.

The couple says the suspect is very remorseful about what he did and has offered to make amends and fix any needed repairs to the house.


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