Source: Multi-agency operation conducts multiple drug raids in Sacramento County

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ORANGEVALE, Calif. (KTXL) — A series of police raids across Sacramento County Tuesday shocked many neighbors who woke up to flash bangs and saw SWAT teams.

The raids were in connection to a case that seemed to involve several local law enforcement agencies, as well as the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“I was driving by this morning and I saw the SWAT team out there. My wife had told me earlier today that something is going on,” said local resident Dave Blumgold.

Those who work near Greenback Lane and Hazel Avenue told FOX40 they were shocked to see officers with their guns drawn, and to see and smell tear gas coming out of a building most thought was abandoned.

“I drive by here occasionally on the way home, and it looks pretty empty,” said Lela, who works nearby.

“Yeah, it’d be nice to clean them up a little bit, you know?” Blumgold said.

Officers and cars from the Folsom Police Department and Placer County Sheriff deputies could be seen taking part in searching the building, even though it’s in Sacramento County.

“I don’t know; I’m trying to figure it out, kind of strange,” Blumgold said.

The Greenback and Hazel raid was not the only one to occur Tuesday.

A law enforcement source told FOX40 the multi-agency operation involved several locations in the Greater Sacramento area.

Authorities would not confirm where or how many other raids occurred, but FOX40’s source said the raids are drug-related and not connected with any sort of national protests.

Blumgold said he’s glad police are doing something to get drugs off the streets.

“That area there has been known for a lot of drugs as far with the transients there,” Blumgold said. “Yeah, it’s gotten bad.”

As of Tuesday, there has been no word on arrests or how many suspects are involved in the raids, but FOX40 is expecting to hear more from authorities Wednesday once charges can be filed in court.

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