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The Latest — (Thursday, April 29)

5:40 a.m.

Wednesday afternoon, the Sacramento Police Department reunited Amanda Duhaime and Rubi Rose.

In a Facebook post, the department said “Today Detectives Loriaux & Rodarte located the suspect’s car with the suspect and Rubi Rose inside! The detectives placed the suspect into custody for theft related charges and most importantly, Rubi was reunited with her mom!!”

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A South Sacramento family is very upset after they say their 4-month-old puppy was stolen from the front yard of their home on 50th Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Amanda Duhaime is a disabled veteran, who says has already lost so much in the last few years.

She said it’s heartbreaking not knowing where her puppy is.

“She’s my emotional support animal and I miss her a lot,” Duhaime said.

The last 24 hours have been difficult for Amanda Duhaime and her two young children.

Duhaime says their beloved Rottweiler puppy, Rubi Rose, suddenly vanished from their gated front yard.

“My kids and I grabbed treats and came out here and were running up and down the neighborhood trying to find her,” Duhaime said.

It wasn’t until she asked to check her neighbor’s security camera footage that Duhaime discovered what really happened.

“Two girls got out and stole my dog from my yard, ran up on my neighbor’s yard and stole her,” Duhaime said.

In the video can be seen what Duhaime believes is a 2004 grey Honda Civic park in front of her neighbor’s driveway.

That’s when a female passenger gets out and appears to be calling the dog over to her. A few moments later, the driver gets out and walks towards the gate, she is then seen walking back with Rubi Rose.

“They either jumped on my neighbor’s garbage can and jumped over my fence and back over or they pulled her through the fence, when she doesn’t fit so she could be harmed,” Duhaime said.

Duhaime has only had Rubi Rose for two months and she was taken before she had the chance to get her microchipped.

She says after losing her husband three years ago, five family members in 2020 and, more recently, her best friend to a train accident, Duhaime says losing Rubi Rose is another wound her family doesn’t need.

“It’s so hard. I can’t sleep without her. I haven’t eaten at all today. I want my puppy back,” Duhaime said.

While clutching Rubi Rose’s favorite blanket, Duhaime also has a warning for other dog owners in Sacramento.

“Everybody be careful, even with a locked, gated yard, people steal your dogs,” Duhaime said.

Duhaime is asking the community to be on the lookout for her dog and that anyone who has any information contacts the Sacramento Police Department.