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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A South Sacramento high school principal sent a letter Tuesday notifying families and students about a racist word written on a wall on campus and recent “racially motivated” social media activity targeting the school’s assistant principal.

West Campus High School Principal John McMeekin said Monday afternoon, he learned racist graffiti had been written on the back of the school. He said the “‘N-word'” was found scrawled across the outside of the gym.

The vandalism had been seen as early as Saturday, Principal McMeekin said.

“This graffiti is a racial slur and hate crime, will not be tolerated, and has since been removed,” he wrote in the letter.

The principal also mentioned “racially derogatory statements targeting our Assistant Principal, Dr. Elysse Versher” that had been made on social media. Threats had also been written directly to Versher’s family, he added.

School officials have reported the vandalism and the posts to the Sacramento Police Department.

McMeekin said the school hasn’t been able to identify the person behind the graffiti and asked for students and families to reach out if they have any information about the vandal.

“We have much work to do as a community in order to heal from this,” he wrote. “Regardless of how any individual feels about our school’s policies, there is simply no place for hate speech or threatening behavior.”

Read the letter in full below.

West Campus Graffiti Letter by FOX40 News on Scribd