SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A 17-hour standoff came to a peaceful end early Tuesday morning when the suspect and victim walked out of the house where they had spent much of the previous day surrounded by police and SWAT teams. 

Police identified the suspect as 48-year-old Eric Minjares. 

Police said they do not know what led to the suspect barricading himself in the house with the hostage or who the home belongs to. 

According to law enforcement, the victim and the suspect might have known each other prior to the incident. 

The owner of the home, who didn’t show his face on camera, said his son was the victim of the standoff. The victim’s family said they know he knows Minjares and that this situation stemmed from a fight over a woman. 

The situation started Monday around 10 a.m. when police said they attempted to contact a man and heard a gunshot when they arrived at the scene. 

Police said they were able to make sporadic contact with Minjares over several hours. 

Police negotiated with Minjares to surrender, and he finally did at 3 a.m., ending a 17-hour hostage situation. 

Minjares is facing felony assault and kidnapping charges, according to police. 

“The two individuals inside the residence, the suspect and the victim, emerged and the suspect was taken into custody,” said Ofc. Ryan Woo with the Sacramento Police Department. 

One man who left his home around 11 a.m. Monday said he was unable to return to it until well after the standoff had ended. 

“Luckily, I belong to the gym over here, so I used the restroom over there, but it’s ridiculous now,” the neighbor said. “They should have let us in after they took him away. Why do they hold up the whole street?”

While the hostage situation unfolded, Dennis Maloney was kept out of his neighborhood. 

“I knocked on my neighbor’s door in the back and said, can I hop the fence so that I can get in the house? I did that,” Maloney said. 

As for the victim’s father, they’re left cleaning up the mess left behind by police from the arrest. 

“There’s no reason for the total destruction they did,” he said.