South Sacramento Tenants Left Without Heat, Hot Water as Winter Settles In

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO — It will be a cold Christmas for dozens of families living in an apartment complex in South Sacramento who were without gas this week.

That is because there is a small leak in the gas line under the Parkway Townhomes near Highway 99 and Florin Road.

Lakeisha Burks said her one bedroom apartment just didn’t feel like home this holiday.

“Here’s proof. No hot water,” she said, turning on a faucet.

Most of the tenants at the Parkway Townhomes were left with a cold faucet and no furnace.

“They haven’t really came and talked to anybody, they haven’t had a meeting,” said tenant Carl Owens. “We just come home from work and there’s a notice on our door.”

A notice letting them know Monday there was a small gas leak, one which Pacific Gas and Electric says is the responsibility of the complex’s management to fix, but it had been almost a week.

“They’re supposed to be fixing the pipe, and they just quit on us,” Burks said.

Burks and others who live at the complex could not understand why there was no one fixing the problem Saturday, which was not a holiday.

“They’re out shopping, they’re out doing something,” Burks said. “They don’t care. They don’t give a rat’s behind.”

The leasing office was closed and will be for the next four days, according to signs. FOX40 left messages for the parent company, Quality Property Management, but they have yet to respond.

“It’s going to be kind of hard when we have family and friends that are going to come over for the holidays,” said Parkway Townhomes tenant James Brady.

The office did hand out free space heaters, however, many did not get them because the office closed at 5 p.m. and many were at work. Additionally, several tenants said the water was the bigger problem.

“Can’t take a shower, unless you like cold showers. There’s no gas,” Owens said.

That means, in the meantime, Owens and others will have to take what they are calling “bird baths,” heating water to a boil on an electric stove and washing off with that.

“Wash yourself with cloths and stuff like that,” Brady said.

“I don’t feel clean at all, and I’m a woman,” Burks said. “I know what clean is and this ain’t it.”

Rumor among neighbors is the gas will not be back on until Wednesday at the earliest. With so many kids and animals who live in the apartment complex, many said they feel this has ruined their Christmas.

“I don’t have any money, I barely make enough at my job and I’m barely making ends meet with social security,” Burks said. “So, you know, you think we’re living right? We’re not living right.”

As much as the situation is unfortunate for the people who live at the complex, some said they were not blaming the apartment management for it. They would rather be safe than have another gas leak tragedy like what happened in San Bruno in 2010.

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