South Sacramento zip code leads surrounding areas in virus cases

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — While the number of COVID-19 cases across Sacramento County spike, not all areas are impacted in the same way. 

With more than 500 COVID-19 cases, zip code 95823 in South Sacramento has almost double the number of cases of surrounding zip codes. And the short answer from people is that it’s an under-served area. 

“We are keeping an eye on it and 95823 has actually been highlighted for quite a long time, even at the beginning,” said Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye. 

Dr. Kasirye said those numbers reflect the population density of South Sacramento. 

“A large percentage of them are in the adult age, 18 to 49,” said Dr. Kasirye. 

City leaders say there are many multi-generational households in that area, which allows the virus to spread easier. Also not helping the area is that many who live there are essential workers. 

“There are no furloughs. There are no days off. People get up and they go to work to feed their families.”

Bill Knowlton

“Those essential workers don’t get to have Zoom conferences and FaceTime and such,” said Bill Knowlton, executive director of Mack Road Partnership. “Those folks are out, working every day.”

Knowlton said many businesses in the area are small and often family-run. 

“There are no furloughs. There are no days off. People get up and they go to work to feed their families,” said Knowlton. 

Sacramento City Councilman Larry Carr, whose District 8 makes up a large portion of 95823, said a lack of testing in the area is also partly to blame for the rapid spread. 

“We have beseeched the county health director to put a testing site around the communities that are being impacted,” said Carr. “They have not done so. They’ve chosen to place the test site in a remote location, making it very difficult. Because they’re not getting tested, they’re spreading the virus, some of them not knowing it because they’re asymptomatic.” 

Carr said he’s pushing to use city COVID-19 care money toward outreach and education within his district, hoping to curb the spike. 

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