September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Visits Jeff Denham Campaign Headquarters

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MODESTO — Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited Congressman Jeff Denham’s campaign headquarters in Modesto on Thursday.

There are just 12 days left until Republican incumbent Denham goes up against Democratic opponent Michael Eggman for the District 10 seat.

Ryan showed his support for Denham Thursday.

“This man is a work horse, this man is a doer. Jeff Denham is already one of our quarterbacks on fixing our biggest problems here,” Ryan said.

Some of those problems, according to Denham, include the lack of infrastructure to provide more water storage for farmers, accessibility and affordability of college and the needs of veterans not being met.

“For the speaker to actually see what we go through on a daily basis with our challenges, with agriculture and water and over regulation, I wanted him to hear from growers and volunteers,” Denham said.

Eggman, however, sees Ryan’s appearance as a last-ditch effort to keep Republicans in the House.

“A couple polls showed me ahead. We see it on the ground and feel it on the ground, it’s no surprise that Ryan is out here trying to prop up floundering incumbent Jeff Denham,” Eggman said.

While Denham fights to keep his seat in the house, Eggman targets his opponent for supporting Donald Trump.

“Congressman Denham is the only incumbent I know of who actually brags about and takes credit for getting Donald Trump a lucrative government contract,” he said.

When asked about the presidential election, the congressman had this to say: “I am just focusing on our local election here, it’s an exchange of ideas here at home, and that’s what it should be. I’ll let the national politics play out on its own.”

How effective the attempt by Ryan to boost support for Jeff Denham was will be seen after the polls close on election night.

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