MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) —  No charges will be filed against the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office deputy who fatally shot a teen following a chase, the office of Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager announced Friday. 

“After a thorough review of all the relevant evidence gathered during the investigation of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on May 18, 2021, no charges will be filed against the deputy,” the DA’s office said in a press release. 

On May 18, 2021, sheriff’s office deputies pulled over 16-year-old Xander Mann and four teens around 2 a.m. before Mann led them and officers from other agencies on a chase. 

Deputies said the chase began near North Carpenter Road and Torrid Avenue in Modesto and attempted to pull over the car for a code violation. The chase lasted 15 miles over 21 minutes and was long enough for other agencies to join, the DA said. 

The pursuit ended near South McClure and Finch roads when Mann’s car crashed.

Two others were injured and were taken to a local hospital. 

The video of the incident was released on May 29, and it shows the car driving in reverse toward a deputy who was standing nearby. 

In the press release, the DA’s office said the case is now closed after the investigation. 

“Our investigation has determined that Mann was shot by a deputy sheriff who used force at the end of a vehicle pursuit during which Mann was driving/fleeing from peace officers,” the DA’s office said. “The actions of the involved sheriff’s deputy do not rise to the level of criminal conduct that would warrant the filing of criminal charges.”

In their investigation, the DA’s office said all passengers, who were under 18 at the time, indicated that Mann made statements about him not wanting to get in trouble or be “sent out of state” because he already was under a court wardship of some kind. 

The DA said the passengers told Mann to stop or pull over, but he refused and “yelled” at them. 

During the chase, the DA said Mann drove into a circular two-way drive way of a gated community with the gate closed and one deputy patrol car blocking the exit path to cut him off. Mann drove at the patrol car narrowly missing it at the last second. 

According to the DA, the investigation revealed that Mann lost control of the vehicle three times, with the third time ending with him hitting a curb on Finch Road in Modesto.

Once the vehicle stopped, deputies began to surround the vehicle with their patrol cars. The DA said Mann was struck twice by gunfire by the deputy.