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STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — COVID-19 vaccines are now available to more people than ever before, but in Stanislaus County, fewer people have been showing up to county clinics to get their shots and health officials are working to figure out why. 

“We did see a little bit of decline, but we can’t attribute it necessarily to whether it’s hesitancy or if it’s just work style,” said Kamlesh Kaur, a spokeswoman for the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

Kaur said the county will be implementing a number of changes to make the vaccine even more accessible, including extending some clinic hours until 7 p.m. to accommodate more people. 

“We haven’t heard a lot about, you know, people not wanting to take it. It’s just that there are many options available and a lot of people in these age groups tend to work during the day or go to schools,” she told FOX40.

Stanislaus County is also lagging behind other counties in the state when it comes to total vaccinations. Currently, only 21% of the county’s population has been fully vaccinated. 

In San Joaquin County, that number is nearly 30%. 

“From the beginning, we didn’t have many providers vaccinating besides the hospital,” Kaur explained. “We were the only provider in the county for a long time.”

Kaur said the county now has enough vaccine supply and will also be ramping up the use of mobile clinics to reach the more rural communities, so even more people can get their shots. 

“So with more providers coming on board and with more options, hopefully, the numbers will continue to go up,” she said.  

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