(KTXL) — A Turlock homicide suspect was arrested on the other side of the country after trying to get an alcohol permit, police said.

The Cobb County Police Department in Georgia said 22-year-old Gary Harold Jackson Jr. applied for an alcohol permit at their headquarters on March 28. 

They conducted a criminal history check as part of the process and soon learned Jackson had a homicide warrant out of Turlock. 

He was arrested minutes later, according to Cobb County officials. 

Cobb County officers then contacted the Turlock Police Department and notified them of the arrest. According to Turlock Police, they are working to extradite Jackson back to Stanislaus County.

Turlock Police said they suspect Jackson of shooting and killing 21-year-old Romeo Xavier Portillo on Jan. 14 in downtown Turlock. 

Detectives have reportedly recovered all the weapons believed to have been used in the killing. They also said Jackson and Portillo knew each other, but that they will not be releasing the motive behind the killing yet.