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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Work resumed at the State Capitol Tuesday after a legislative aide in the Assembly tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a memo sent to lawmakers and staff Monday, the Assembly Rules Committee warned of the possible exposure.

The chief administrative officer said the unnamed staff member only worked inside their own office, wore a face covering and had minimal interaction with a coworker.

The aide is now quarantining while crews work to disinfect and sanitize the building, according to the letter.

The warning comes less than two weeks after the Rules Committee warned the Legislature of two California Highway Patrol officers who tested positive for the virus.

In a letter FOX40 obtained from June 13, officials said the officers were not usually assigned to the building but were temporarily there in response to weeks of protests around the Capitol.

Officials said they did not interact with lawmakers but did with two Assembly staff members. It is unclear if the latest case stems from those officers.

Entry into the State Capitol has been extremely limited since reopening. Staff are still encouraged to work from home.

Those entering the building at its main entrance are required to go through a verbal set of questions and temperature checks.

With the latest warning, lawmakers and staff have been urged to avoid coworkers or members of the public not wearing face coverings and to do self-screenings every day before coming to work.