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SACRAMENTO — Stephon Clark’s grandmother, Sequita, was rushed to the hospital mere hours after learning the district attorney would not charge the officers who shot and killed her grandson.

“A direct effect of the decision? Yes, yes, yes,” said Clark’s mother, SeQuette.

The Clark family says she’s suffering from heart issues but on Monday said she was feeling OK.

While the grandmother remains in the hospital, the Clarks are shifting their focus to how some people in the community are responding to DA Anne Marie Schubert’s announcement and called a news conference to talk about planned events.

“If you’re doing something for the community based on the DA’s decision that’s fine,” SeQuette Clark told members of the media. “Thank God that people have a place to go to be heard because it’s important that we are heard. But when you go as far as to imply or undercut others, it’s wrong and I will not support that.”

She’s upset over events scheduled on behalf of the Clark family that they knew nothing about.

Specifically, they called out Pastor Les Simmons over an event planned for Tuesday.

“Implying that they stood alongside the Clark family and that they were hosting some type of event on our behalf,” SeQuette Clark said. “I find it important for people to know that we just aren’t in association with him.”

They are calling on many to take action to honor Stephon Clark but to do so without claiming to represent his family.

“As long as you do not imply to the public that you are coming on behalf of the Clark family, I support what people do to heal,” his mother said.

FOX40 reached out to Pastor Simmons multiple times Monday evening and have yet to hear back.