Stevante Clark Discusses His Decision to Run for Mayor of Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO — Less than a year after his brother was killed by Sacramento officers while unarmed, Stevante Clark has completed the first steps with the state to raise money for a mayoral campaign.

FOX40 caught up with the potential capital city mayoral candidate while he visited with friends at Queen of Sheba restaurant Tuesday.

FOX40 asked him about the fact that a lot of people may look at some of the things that happened earlier this year, including jumping up on the desk at a city council meeting, and think that he is not mentally stable.

“Everybody loves everybody. Hopefully I’m not judged off my human reaction,” he said.

That reaction was a very public grappling with grief after Clark had a second brother killed. Stephon Clark was shot to death by Sacramento police officers while unarmed in his grandmother’s backyard.

That March killing ignited intense protest in Sacramento and across the country.

“I was never arrested until my brother died,” Clark said.

“Me jumping on the mayor’s desk, I’ve apologized for that,” he continued. “So if people see me jumping on the mayor’s desk and they don’t acknowledge my apology then I think that’s pretty one-sided.”

Supporters were quick to address those who might question Clark’s mental fitness, something he was treated for in April.

“Tell them to lose their sibling and then see how they react and respond,” said Tanya Faison with Black Lives Matter Sacramento. “You’re going to react a certain way and I think we need to give him the space to do that.”

While being in the spotlight has been uncomfortable at times, Clark says he wants to use any focus on him and his brother for the good of all Sacramentans.

“I’m for the people. I’m with the people,” he said.

To that end, he knows people will expect him to address reforms for those in uniform.

“That’s what we will be focusing on, a lot on police training,” Clark said.

But there is also so much more on his agenda.

“The sex trafficking, the rent, the homelessness,” he told FOX40.

In the next few weeks, the city will be hearing more about the Clark Family Act or CFA. It’s a set of proposals Clark plans to push, touching on everything from reformed gang members mentoring youth to making Sacramento the greenest city in the country.

He admits many of the ideas are not all that different from what is currently going on in the city but stresses his plan is all about ensured effectiveness.

Clark’s most likely 2020 opponent, Sacramento’s current Mayor Darrell Steinberg, declined comment about Clark’s latest moves. Clark has been urging Steinberg to build a library and resource center in Meadowview in response to his brother’s death and doesn’t deny his campaign could add pressure to his cause.

Berry Accius with Voice of the Youth also had a response for those who would debate Clark’s qualifications.

“When you’ve watched Donald Trump become president unqualified, nothing to do with political … any prowess in that career. But you see something like that happen, I think anything is possible,” Accius said.

During the second week of December, Clark plans to host what he says will be the first in a series of “Conversations with Mister Clark.”

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