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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — With local events on hold, organizers of the annual Stockmarket Festival in Stockton turned to the internet to help highlight local businesses.

Female entrepreneurs face more barriers than their male counterparts when starting businesses, so out of that principle, an idea was born to start the Stockton Strong Marketplace.

“As entrepreneurs, it’s hard enough to start up and especially as women, a lot of times we’re doing eight other things, taking care of ourselves and our families,” Goodstock Productions co-owner Amy Sieffert said.

“We are working full time. We are struggling to make sure folks see our presence, so this is a great opportunity for others to highlight and see our businesses,” said Abstrakt Life owner Zhauntel Fields.

Fields’ Abstrakt Life creates custom school supplies like backpacks and notebooks.

Jamese Ware started J. Ware Candle Co, as a Christmas project. 

“I didn’t have any money to pass out gifts and I really wanted to hook my family up, so I started making candles and it hit,” Ware said. “So I’m here and I love it.”

The online marketplace will also feature local author Chessere Day, whose book is inspired by growing up in Stockton.

“There’s this house here that has a huge billboard sign called Poodle Parlor and I’ve passed it all my life, so I set this book in Stockton and it ties into the Poodle Parlor and it kind of takes them on an adventure,” Day said.

Organizers say it was important that the businesses they included reflect the people who live in the city of Stockton.

“With Stockton being the most diverse city in the nation, that’s actually reflected totally across the board in our participating vendors,” Sieffert said.

The marketplace launches Saturday. Click or tap here for more information.