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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The mass vaccination at the Stockton Arena will be closed until May 10 because of low turnout. 

Low appointment demand is a trend the county says it is seeing at other vaccination sites as well. 

“We’re not sure if it was a switch to My Turn or if it was anything else that was going on, if it’s just we have oversaturated the events in the county,” San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services spokeswoman Tiffany Heyer said.

Heyer said Kaiser Permanente, the operator of the arena site, has been one of the main vaccine providers since the rollout began. 

According to Kaiser, more than 12,000 were administered at the site since it opened just three weeks ago. The site had the capability to deliver more than 1,700 shots a day but appointments began declining after the first week. 

“From what I understand, Kaiser is still providing the vaccine and they’re still here through the end of May,” Heyer said. 

Kaiser will reopen the site May 10 for second doses of the Moderna vaccine only before closing the site down for good on May 23. 

We will continue to do everything we can to administer as many doses of COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible. COVID-19 vaccines remain critical tools in fighting this global pandemic and have demonstrated an historic level of safety and effectiveness.

Kaiser Permanente

“We’re still going to continue providing these vaccines to anybody that wants one,” Heyer told FOX40. 

​The county says while they’re losing the mass vaccination site, it will not stop their vaccination efforts. Instead, they will focus on smaller, more targeted events, and even arrange housecalls for homebound residents to get more shots into arms.  

“We’re really looking to kind of modify that and see what we can do to reach more people, taking it into the communities, taking it to where people live and work versus having them come to where we are,” Heyer said.