Stockton Bomb Squad Called Out to Detonate Homemade Fireworks Found During Traffic Stop

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STOCKTON — A traffic stop turned into scary moments in downtown Stockton.

The Stockton bomb squad was called out to detonate what investigators said were homemade fireworks.

They were safely detonated, and in one cell phone video you hear a voice exclaiming, “I got it! Yeah! Sweet!”

The voice in the video belongs to Toby Baptiste who works nearby.

“Very excited to catch it, I was like ‘Whoa, I got it! Wow, awesome,’ you know. Not every day you see something like that,” Baptiste said.

Baptiste not only recorded the detonation, he also saw why CHP officers called the bomb squad for help.

“[I saw] what looked like a bag of marijuana and a white container, and in the trunk he found another bag of marijuana… with some bottle rockets,” he said.

Baptiste said an officer pulled over the driver for expired tags. Something in the car got the officer’s attention.

“I’m not sure, it looked like a small bag that looked like a white substance. I’m not positive.”

The Stockton Police Department has not been able to confirm if drugs were found, but they do say the driver who was pulled over had an active warrant and is now in jail. They also confirmed that officers found homemade fireworks inside the car.

Streets were blocked off for about an hour. Workers nearby couldn’t turn away from the scene.

“I just saw the bomb disposal unit destroy something… I have no idea,” Chris Hacia said.

Investigators collected the debris and reopened streets, and the neighborhood went back to its normal routine.

“Another day in exciting downtown Stockton,” Baptiste said.

As to who the driver was and why he had homemade fireworks in his car, that has not been released yet.

Investigators have also not released why the driver had a warrant.

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