September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Stockton brothers win on season premiere of ‘Lego Masters’

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Brothers Wayne and Zack Macasaet not only competed on season two of “Lego Masters”, but they had some big moments on the Tuesday night season premiere. 

“Oh! Oh! I remember this part,” Wayne Macasaet said. 

The Stockton brothers watched the episode surrounded by family and friends. 

“We’re from Stockton, right? So like, usually whenever you’re hearing news about Stockton, it’s usually not something as nice and kid-friendly as this,” Wayne Macasaet said. “We can lay claim like, ‘Hey Zack? Did you know we have Lego Masters in Stockton?’”

The brothers grew up creating with legos, but they took different approaches. Wayne Macasaet preferred to follow the instructions. 

“But this guy right here actually possesses that chaotic ability to … ’Let me destroy all this and make something even more incredible. So, it was fun to see him actually unleash his skills on television right there,” Wayne Macasaet told FOX40. 

The assignment in the season premiere was to build a parade float. The episode lasts an hour, but the competition was actually 16 hours. 

“We built the dragons, and then the judges were saying, ‘You need to do more. You have to add more to it.’ And it’s like, what more can you ask for?” Zack Macasaet said laughing. 

“By the time you get to judging, you’ve expended every mental and physical faculty, and you’re just trying to hold it together for the end. I’m really glad I didn’t faint,” Wayne Macasaet said. 

The brothers were impressed with how the show was edited. 

“You know, I was worried that I had said too much. It’s like, OK, they cut me good. I’m good with that,” Wayne Macasaet said. 

“They cut you a lot,” Zack Macasaet chimed in. 

In their lives outside the reality show, Zack Macasaet is a sushi chef and Wayne Macasaet is an olympic archery coach. 

And the brothers hit a bullseye on “Lego Masters” with their dragon float. The judges were impressed with its many moving parts. 

It secured them the coveted Golden Brick as the season premiere winners. 

“Now, we can say it. Yeah, we won the first challenge,” Wayne Macasaet said. 

“We were blubbering like babies, first episode,” Zack Macasaet said. 

As for what happens next, the brothers say viewers will have tune in to next week’s episode. 

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