Stockton Business Offers Airsoft Training to Public, Law Enforcement

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When it comes to law enforcement or military training it doesn’t get more real than CQB City in Stockton.

Armed with Airsoft weapons, participants run around a 60,000 square foot building that bears a striking resemblance to a Middle Eastern city.

Along with using Airsoft guns CQB City owner Joey Rubio added participants can do explosions, breach a school bus, and practice linear dynamic entries into a house.

Rubio came up with CQB City seven years ago; the way all great ideas happen.

cqb city“Over a beer with my buddies,” he said. “We’re all ex-military or law enforcement. Someone mentioned their training got canceled because they didn’t have a permanent facility. That’s when the light bulb went off.”

CQB City is open to law enforcement and the general public. Along with the huge, changeable layout, the other big draw is the weaponry.

“It’s a one to one replica of the real thing, in real steel,” said Rubio.

Even though the weapons are Airsoft and shoot plastic BB bullets, getting hit by one will leave a mark.

“I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt,” said Rubio, “It stings really well.”

He added that’s why they are strict on following safety rules.

“We don’t treat (the guns) as toys we treat them as real guns,” Rubio told FOX40.

That realism also transfers into the different scenarios.

“This is all muscle memory training,” Rubio said. “When they go into a room, when they stack on a door they have to know what their buddy’s doing, they have to know what they’re supposed to do. This gives them the opportunity to make the mistakes here.”

While the training is taken seriously, it’s still fun. Especially for video game enthusiasts.

“From the controller this is where you’re going to go next,” he said. “We even play the (game) soundtracks.”

There’s another bonus that can’t be found sitting in front of a screen.

“Great exercise too,” said Rubio.

CQB City is located on Eight Mile Road in Stockton and open to people 10 years old and up.

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