Loomis business owner loans RVs to COVID-19 medical workers so they can self-isolate at home

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LOOMIS, Calif. (KTXL) — For Colleen Andrus, the RV now parked in her driveway means her family can stay together.

“It was an answer to our prayers,” Andrus told FOX40. 

Her husband, Matt Andrus is an ER nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Roseville and works directly with COVID-19 patients.

“We’ve spent the last two days agonizing over the decision whether I go north to my parent’s house with our daughters for the foreseeable future and we just didn’t want to separate our family,” explains Andrus.

Colleen said the RV was dropped off Friday night after she commented on a Facebook post of a woman offering up the five RV’s she owns to hospital workers for free. 

“It means that even though we’re separated we can still support him as a family,” said Andrus.

Colleen said after working long shifts at the hospital she and her husband have been scared for him to come home. 

“He hasn’t hugged or kissed us for a couple weeks now,” said Andrus. “He comes home though the garage and he takes all his work gear off here and he goes straight to the shower and puts on clean clothes before comes into the living room.”

They’re concerned he could potentially transmit the virus to her and their two daughters.  

“There’s more and more patients and more and more chances for his exposure and he’s you know one on one with these COVID-19 patients and because it’s increasing the likelihood of him becoming infected increases,” said Andrus.

The RV loan is part of a growing Facebook group called RV-4-MDS which matches people who own RV’s or campers with frontline healthcare workers who need to be apart from loved ones while they battle the coronavirus pandemic. 

Lisa Evensen’s RV rental business was shut down after the governor issued the statewide stay-at-home order. 

“They’re our heroes right now. And we need to give back,” Evensen told FOX40. “All of my reservations have had to cancel because all the parks are closed and people just aren’t going to be going on vacation this year.” 

But instead of dwelling on the missed business, Evensen jumped at the chance to help. 

“I just want to do my part in keeping containment and keeping families stay safe while their loved one work on the frontlines and you know,” said Evensen.

For Colleen, the gesture is proof you can still find good in difficult times.

“Just people being there for each other. Complete strangers. I mean I didn’t know Lisa until 8:00. Last night and I can assure you we will. Be friends after this for a very long time,” said Andrus.

You can visit RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus on Facebook.


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