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Things got heated at the Stockton City Council meeting on Tuesday night because of proposed cuts to the mayor’s salary.

Mayor Anthony Silva was understandably upset after the cuts, which will take his salary from $104,000 to $72,000, were passed.

City council members will also have their salaries cut by 20 percent.

Silva pointed out that he is the only mayor in Stockton’s history to face cuts to his salary.  The mayor said he would have to get a second job in order to feed his family.

The city attorney gave the city council two choices. One, approve the measure and face possible litigation from Silva or, two, go against the provision and open the city to a potential city lawsuit.

The mayor has vowed to fight the decision.

“The bottom line is, unfortunately, politics were at play here tonight,” Silva said. “And, so now, I’ll be looking for an extra part-time job.”

Silva said with the zero budget at City Hall and the salary cut, it’s definitely going to take a toll.

The changes will go into effect in July.