STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — A memorial in honor of the Stockton student who was killed Monday is growing outside Stagg High School.

All evening the memorial has grown. Some people visiting the memorial knew 15-year-old Alycia Reynaga. Some didn’t.

But all of them were deeply impacted by the senselessness that happened in a place where kids are supposed to feel safe.

Some family members of Reynaga watched quietly while mourners laid mementos in her honor outside of the school. They politely declined to comment for this story. They’ve already given interviews. They needed a break from questions and answers.

In that space, the silent space, the vigil spoke volumes without words.

The dozens of candles, balloons, flowers and signs testify to the grief and sympathy felt in Stockton over what happened Monday.

There are no words to describe the senselessness of a man driving onto a high school campus and randomly stabbing a 15-year-old girl in the middle of a school day.

Stockton police said the suspect, who they identified as 52-year-old Anthony Gray, is behind bars. His first court appearance is on Wednesday.

The size of this memorial shows how much love there is in this community, and how many lives Reynaga touched.

After sunset, the glow of the many candles says to everyone passing by that light is still stronger than darkness. The discussions about school security, mental health, crime prevention and punishment are all relevant to what happened.

But in the quiet of this place, in the moment, the night after the violence, sometimes there simply are no words.