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STOCKTON — A Stockton couple was brutally attacked outside their home Sunday evening.

The couple said they were taking out the trash and asked a group of teenagers to move along.

“I look on my phone and I check my cameras and I see my two neighbors on the right side of me just running across my driveway,” neighbor Patrick Varvell said.

Varvell says he helped his two neighbors shortly after the attack. At first, he says he thought at first that a drink had spilled on the woman.

“She just comes running over asking for help. So I, of course, let her into the house here and turn the lights on and found it was not a drink. She was covered in blood,” Varvell said.

The woman, who has two black eyes after the attack, says the violence started when one of the men in the group sucker punched her.

She says she and her husband are both in a lot of pain but vows not to be bullied out of their Weston Ranch neighborhood.

“If you look at the video, there’s about four to five people, both males and females,” Stockton Police spokesman Joe Silva said. “And we believe that they possibly are known to that neighborhood.”

The police department posted a surveillance video of the attack on its Facebook page Wednesday morning, hoping someone will recognize the people in the group.

“Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward up to $10,000 for any information that leads to an arrest in this very brutal attack,” Silva said.