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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – San Joaquin County’s first ever non-hospital, nonprofit quarantine facility is simply furnished, simply made and, simply put, a great help to homeless COVID-19 patients in Stockton.

“If we sit back and do nothing, it will spread throughout the rest of the county at a quicker pace,” said Gospel Center Rescue Mission Chief Operations Officer Britton Kimball.

Organizers for the mission first told FOX40 in June the renovated home provided a safe, isolated space for 12 homeless patients who may not necessarily have symptoms.

Since that time, and with the recent spike in cases, said they worked hard to ready another facility which will house at least 20 more people.

“This is part of serving them, to open up our facility and create an isolation center for them,” said Recuperative Director Sandra Deaver.

CEO Wayne Richardson told FOX40 over Zoom the county sent at least four more patients in need of housing on Wednesday.

“We’re all trying to find ways to pitch in and help in this pandemic and this is what we can do,” explained Richardson.

Richardson adds they will also have some staff members, who have recovered from COVID-19, live with the clients to provide more services.

“They have come out of it, and they can help with the cleaning, the laundry, maintenance,” said Richardson.

Organizers acknowledge they are a nonprofit, not a medical facility. But they are following through on the belief to be in service to people in need.

“What more can we do to help them out? And what can we do to help to try to not get this virus to spread more?” asked Deaver.

Richardson says both houses are properties the organization had acquired before the pandemic but were quickly prepared and renovated to help the homeless.